The Importance of Building Your List!

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If you are a serious marketer online you would understand or be aware of the importance of building your list for your retirement fund.

It is important to build your list as you can monetize your list if you know what to do! Building a list is one thing but having a list that you can monetize is another thing. You need to build a list that are targeted to your niche, not just freebie hunters. More importantly build a list of buyers.

You may have already heard this before that the money is in the list. Yes, it is true the money is in the list providing you understand two important aspects relating to monetizing your list:

1)Where you get your list from – This refers to the quality of your list. Obtaining your list from targeted sources can make a huge difference to the extent that you can monetize your list. You are better off to have only 300 people on your list that come from quality sources than have 1,000 which come non targeted sources or low quality traffic. The more targeted your list the more likely yo will make sales providing you have a decent offer which is of high value.

2) How you talk to your list – This is important as you can build trust and rapport with your list by the way you communicate with them through emails. It is important to give your list good relevant content they are seeking and not to just sell to them every time you send them an email. You need to talk to your list as if you are talking to a friend.  It is important to respect your list by only promoting products that offer genuine benefits, products that you know personally and believe in. Never promote junk to your list.

Make sure to offer good value by way of content to your list. if you do this, your list will look forward to opening your emails. Your email open rate can drastically increase if you know how to talk to your list and this will help to increase your income. It is important to educate yourself to become an expert at positively influencing people through effective communication. There are books that you can read on this subject. Educating yourself in this area can help increase your conversion rate for your business which will result in more sales for you.

The most important thing to remember is to offer good value and genuine solutions to people’s problems.

With Big Idea Mastermind a company we are very proud to be a part of, they show you step by step how to build your list the right way and how to monetize your list using their proven system. They offer products of high value, so therefore, you won’t have to search for products that you can offer to your list. The importance of building a list is often overlooked by most marketers which can result in a lot of income lost.

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