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We recommend you take a close look at Esencial Marketing Network as your vehicle to success here’s why…

Esencial Network’s leadership team is a dynamic group of entrepreneurs that come from humble beginnings – from purely offline business owners and self taught online entrepreneurs …to dramatically changing the lives of people from all walks of life through the power of online marketing.

The founders operate on success principles based on Honesty, Integrity, Fairness, Transparency and a  BIG vision and dream.

Meet the exceptional leaders and founders of Esencial Network:

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 2.13.09 AM                                                       Emily James |Co-Founder 

Emily James

Emily James is an Internet Marketing Expert, Trainer and a fun loving, energetic, powerful business woman and entrepreneur. She has helped hundreds of people worldwide learn the most cutting edge marketing strategies to excel any business to online success. She has also helped many people achieve an income online for the first time in their lives from the comfort of their own home. Within her first year of online Entrepreneurship she went to the top in an Internet Marketing Education company called Neucopia and was announced the 6th top producer for 2013 and helped Australia get to #4 in the world for top membership sales. Within the same year she also started her own online sales and marketing training platform and is now a Co-Founder and Trainer of Esencial Marketing Network. Her fast success within her first year helped her create her first 5 figure income online, without any prior experience or education about the network marketing industry. Now she is passionate about helping others and even complete newbies achieve success in their businesses by teaching highly effective social media marketing techniques, so they can leverage the power of duplication!

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 2.17.19 AM                                                      Maricar Wing Co-Founder 


Maricar Wing

Maricar Wing has a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and majored in Chemical Physics at Griffith University in Brisbane Queensland. She also has a Diploma in Education obtained at the University of New South Wales. She worked as a high school Science teacher for a few years in Sydney and moved to Queensland to start her own business in sales. She was a very successful Group Manager for a direct sales company in charge of sales, marketing, training and recruitment. One of the few who became a Group Manager at such a young age. Her achievements include receiving an award for being one of the top sales managers in Australia based on personal sales, top recruiting awards and also group sales awards based on the performance of her team. Maricar was also in a partnership franchise in the food industry. The downfall of being in sales after ten years, was that she worked even harder. Although the six figure income helped relieve some of the pain of long days driving, and flying around Australia she came to the realization that there has got to be an easier way to earn a living. Turning to the internet, she discovered an amazing secret that changed her life forever and her main aim is to share what she has learned and discovered so far, since starting her online business. Especially, for people who are new to the internet and need proper guidance, support and mentorship. She is now an online success coach specializing in social media targeted lead generation and effective sales closing strategies which are proven and result driven. The methods she uses are allowing people to succeed for the first time after trying many businesses online without success. She is truly passionate about helping others succeed.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 2.20.09 AM                                                        Rachelle Taylor | Co-Founder 

Rachelle Taylor

Rachelle Taylor is an Internet Marketing Strategist with experience in developing websites, online advertising, affiliate marketing and search engine optimization. From the young age of fifteen she started to learn Internet Marketing from the top leaders in the industry to help her parents with their affiliate online marketing ventures. Her entrepreneurial journey started as soon as she finished high school, as the director of a boutique-wedding florist in Brisbane City, whilst managing event promotions for three years. At the same time completing her corporate systems management degree specializing in Information Technology at the Queensland University of Technology. She is listed on the Dean’s list for academic excellence under the faculty of science and engineering. She is passionate about helping businesses grow and succeed through education and training.

Anthony Wing                                                       Anthony Wing Co-Founder 

Anthony Wing

Anthony Wing has been a champion athlete in long distance running, a practitioner of natural medicine, successful network marketer offline and built a service industry business very successfully. Coming online in 2009, it took awhile to understand how online marketing worked. He had success in promoting affiliate products until slapped by Google, and then things changed dramatically. After spending a lot of money on online education, he soon found that a lot of people selling Internet courses or programs over promised, over charged and under delivered. This was when he was introduced to an amazing concept that has members for the first time making money online and achieving results. He has now partnered with a company to give effective tools to ordinary people so they can finally have every success they deserve online in a very affordable way and fast tracked. His passion today is to see more people succeed online this is why he intends to grow Esencial Marketing Network to be a leader in the online marketing industry in terms of training people, so they can build their primary businesses in a way they thought was not possible, until they took our education and training and used our company’s resources.

David Breglia                                                         David Breglia  | Co-Founder 


David Breglia

David Breglia is Facebook Marketing Expert. He has been a top affiliate, Trainer and now a Director of Esencial Marketing Network. David is extremely passionate about teaching and helping individuals to succeed online. His cutting edge strategies make him a residual income on a daily basis and his expertise is teaching others how to duplicate his success. He has successfully created a Facebook group of over 25,000 Entrepreneurs all looking to achieve success in their business. He managed to create this group within only 8 months. As the Fiance of Emily James he is looking forward to teaching his strategies to the members of Esencial Marketing Network.


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Our Mission Statement

Our Vision is to help ordinary people make their first $100 online. We would like to empower average people to become great and to help others along the way to build relationships with real people, not just sitting behind computers and being impersonal. We want to change the culture on the internet that has been around for many years. This culture has made it difficult for people to really succeed because they have been held back, because knowledge is not freely shared. We want to share our knowledge so many people can have the freedom and lifestyle they deserve.

We believe that by helping people to achieve their goals and dreams and have massive breakthroughs, both financially and personally we can make the world a better place. After all, we are here a short time to make a mark on this world for the betterment of mankind.

Our focus is to provide good quality content and helpful information and advice that can only benefit our followers to help them grow to become more enriched and successful.

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