Importance of Tracking ROI – Are You Marketing Blindly?

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If you are using pay per click, text links, banners or email marketing to promote your products or affiliate products you could be losing a lot of money by not using an effective tracking system. Everyday thousands of marketers who do not monitor their advertising performance will continue to lose money. Well, the great news is we have found a tool that all marketers cannot do without. A tool that has all the special features you will need to be able to increase the return on your investment continually. With this Tracking tool you will be able to:

*Pinpoint which campaigns are profitable and which waste your money.
*Track how many visitors, sales, and leads are generated by each ad.
*Discover which keywords convert best and worst in your pay-per-click campaigns.
*Test multiple landing pages and ads simultaneously to find out what works best.
*Integrate fraud detection technology to ensure that you only pay for quality traffic.
*Work with any PPC search engine, banner ads, text links, email ads, or other types of ads.
*Access a high-level snapshot of overall ad performance or drill down for details.
*Keep track of current and past ad campaigns, detailed statistics, and notes.
*Eliminate hundreds of hours of guesswork, research, and number crunching.
*Save time by setting up automatic email or SMS reports to inform you of ad performance.
*Detect potentially fraudulent activity coming from search engines or their partners.
*Identify and block suspicious IP addresses and low-quality referring domains.
*Discover which keywords attract the most invalid and poor-performing clicks.
*Block fraudulent activity with this tool’s exclusive Fraud Blocker protection.
*Integrate This tool’s ad tracking technology for superior analysis and results.

We are proud to present the Ad Watcher Tracking Tool… If you wish to ensure that you get the maximum Return On Your Investment on every advertising dollar you spend, you need to seriously consider this¬† awesome tool.
This tool will pay for itself many times over even if you are only spending a small amount on PPC advertising or other forms of advertising.

We are using Adwatcher ourselves and cannot recommend it highly enough. Since using AdWatcher we have been able to fine tune and enhance the performance of our ads and therefore, concentrate our advertising cost on ads and campaigns that are working not on the ones that are just wasting our money and improve our income.
Another fantastic feature of AdWatcher is it allows you to also track the performances of your affiliate campaigns simply by your affiliate merchant installing a one line HTML code on their thank you page.

Imagine being able to track and identify the keywords and campaigns that are working for you in a simple way that saves you time and money, plus so much more. It’s no surprise that clients using the AdWatcher service grow their business, improve their ad campaigns, and most importantly, save time and energy managing their campaigns. By using Adwatcher for your tracking you will be able to focus your time and effort on the marketing side of your business instead of spending hours analyzing and crunching the data. Get Your 30 Day Risk Free Trial and improve your income.

To Test Drive Ad Watcher For a 30 Day Risk Free Trial and Improve Your ROI Click Here Now!

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Maricar and Anthony
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  1. spyware blockers March 30, 2010 at 5:59 pm #

    That’s right. traffic is useless if it’s not targeted. We must pinpoint and reach our customers who want the products.

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