Thank you very much for taking the time to visit my blog! I am very passionate about teaching others about internet marketing and delivering useful and helpful content that can help change people’s lives. We teach ordinary people how to make extra income online by offering value, education and building genuine relationships with people in social media and on the Internet as well as cutting edge strategies which are proven and result driven on targeted lead generation and sales closing which will help you take your primary business to the next level! Watch the video By Clicking On The Link Below :)

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Maricar Wing

Maricar Wing has a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and majored in Chemical Physics at Griffith University in Brisbane Queensland. She also has a Diploma in Education obtained at the University of New South Wales. She worked as a  high school Science teacher for a few years in Sydney and moved to Queensland to start her own business in sales. She was a very successful Group Manager for a direct selling company in charge of  sales, marketing, training, recruitment. One of the few who became a Group Manager at such a young age. Her achievements include receiving an award for being one of the top sales managers in Australia based on personal sales, top recruiting awards and also group sales  awards based on the performance of her team. Maricar, was also in a partnership franchise in the food industry. The downfall of being in sales after ten years, was that she worked even harder. Although the six figure income helped  relieve some of the pain of long days driving, and flying around Australia she came to the realization that there has got to be an easier way to earn a living. Turning to the internet, she discovered an amazing secret that changed her life forever… and her main aim is to share what  she has learned and discovered so far, since turning to the internet. Especially, for people who are new to the internet.

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